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everything about this is yes. 

love it

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you don’t know what i feel 
i go on every day and it feels like hell 
if you can only tell
what i go through every day
I’m forced to wear a mask
and no one ever sees me
for who i really am
i wear a crown of thorns 
yet im on a bed of roses
i dont know what to do 

fight or love 

they kick sand in my eyes
help me up and 
through me in prison
with these shackles
im always at fault
heck im still learning myself

why do they always pick on me
what have i ever done to make them mad
i guess everyone wants to pick on the miserable guy
they better watch out
cause one of these days im goin’ to break loose

then again things cant be that bad 
for everyone has a heart including me
i try to be nice to everybody 
people dont share the love with me
one of these days my day will come.

In a world where
all waterfalls have dried 
what are you to do
when there is nothing left to do
Where seasons try to forget 
that all trees have died 
and will never grow again

All people driven to new doorways 
only to find a dead end 
Everyone in a crossroad 
never knowing which way to go
No one able to break free 
from the handcuffs given to them 
from birth 

Everyone with blood on their hands
unable to wash it off 
Only thing for them to do 
is to

Everyone in a shadow 
leaving them blue 
Only for the sun and the moon 
left to remember what has happened

With the owl already insane 
Only billions of doves can 
save us




In this crazy place

           that we call home

Little it may seem

           appearing insignificant

Only to realize

           its all we have

Valuing our lives

           with those we love

Everyone living a life 

           already filled with love

Yet love always 

           seems to escape me 

Out of options 

           i am left alone

Until that one day

           love finds me

-MLLV 2011

Man this thing is killing me unable to make a word whenever i see her face. i freeze up and choke when i try to talk to her. i just walked her home today hopefully that takes me somewhere.

i love life it is so amazing

i lub you